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Your feedback and ideas are important to us! Do you have innovative suggestions or thoughts on new assistants that could help you in your everyday life? We invite you to share your opinions and suggestions with us.

Your creative and bold ideas are crucial for us to improve and expand our services. Share your visions - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Privacy Policy: At xpandAI, we utilize the most advanced technologies from OpenAI and ensure the highest level of data protection through the use of Azure OpenAI. Your data – from inputs to training data to fine-tuned models – remains entirely under your control, inaccessible to other customers or for model improvement by OpenAI or Microsoft. By exclusively operating on European Azure servers, we additionally secure compliance with European data protection standards. Our offer includes a wide range of assistants for your personal and professional development, marked with the highest security standards. With xpandAI, your data and security come first. Learn more...