xpandAI: Datenschutzkonformität

In collaboration with our partners, we have developed xpandAI, a platform that provides access to advanced AI models like GPT-4o while complying with GDPR data protection regulations.

The following data protection information is current as of May 15, 2024.

How does xpandAI ensure data protection when using AI?

Large language models (LLMs) have the potential to change the way we work and learn. However, protecting personal data plays a crucial role in this. Since mid-May 2024, we have been using solutions from OpenAI that ensure data protection. Here are a few explanations:

The Problem with OpenAI and Other LLMs

According to OpenAI in their Terms of Use, data generated on the OpenAI website is used to further develop and improve their services. This includes both input data and responses generated by the models, meaning that sensitive user information could potentially be used to train further models.

However, OpenAI offers several options to prevent the use of personal data for training:

  1. When using the OpenAI website to interact with language models, chat history saving can be disabled, preventing these chats from being used for training.
  2. An opt-out form can be submitted to exclude personal data from training.
  3. When using OpenAI's business offerings, such as Enterprise ChatGPT, OpenAI API, and the ChatGPT Teams license, data usage for training is excluded by default.

OpenAI - Procedures in the European Union

In Italy, the use of ChatGPT was temporarily suspended due to data protection concerns but was later reinstated. Data protection issues regarding the use of OpenAI's technology are also actively discussed in other EU countries, such as Poland and Germany.

Can xpandAI Address Data Protection Concerns?

Yes. Our platform xpandAI provides a secure environment for the use of advanced AI models without compromising data protection. Through agreements between xpand and OpenAI, various measures are taken to ensure data protection:

  • OpenAI processes customer data only in accordance with xpand's instructions and for the provision of the agreed services.
  • OpenAI ensures that customer data is not sold or used for purposes other than providing the services.
  • OpenAI informs xpand of any legally binding requests for the disclosure of customer data by authorities, unless legally prohibited.
  • OpenAI assists xpand in complying with data subject requests in accordance with data protection laws.
  • OpenAI has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data security.


Your inputs (prompts) and results (completions), your embeddings, and your training data:

  • fall under the requirements of GDPR data protection regulations.
  • are NOT available to other customers.
  • are NOT used to improve OpenAI models, products, or services.
  • are NOT used to improve third-party products or services.
  • are NOT used for the automatic improvement of models for your use (models are stateless unless you explicitly fine-tune models with your training data).

Your fine-tuned models with OpenAI are available exclusively for your use.


In individual cases, it may be possible that the use of OpenAI is necessary for reasons of quality or technology. Please look for the following symbol, which indicates GDPR compliance: